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The Board of Directors is always interested in hearing from our community and especially our members.
Please reach out at any time to, or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Attend Board Meetings
The Board of Directors Monthly Meeting is scheduled for the last Thursday of each Month, January - October. This is a great opportunity to speak with the Board and bring any questions or concerns. Each homeowner will receive 5 minutes at the beginning of each meeting to speak. If you are interested in attending a Board Meeting, please go to the Events tab under "Home" on this website to register. 

The April agenda is HERE
The agendas are also emailed to Homeowners 5- 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting each month. If you not receive a copy of the agenda, please check your spam folder or email to ensure that we have your correct email address.

Each November, at the Annual Meeting of Homeowners, up to 3 members of the HOA could be elected by their peers to serve on the Board of Directors. If you are interested in being a member of the Board of Directors, please email a short bio with a picture of yourself to

If there is an opening on the Board due to resignation of a Board Member in the 10 months after the Annual Meeting of Homeowners, notification will be emailed. Please make sure we have your email on file!




John Eckhardt

  (2015 - 2022, Third Term)

Brandon Culter.jpg

Brandon Culter *

Vice President

(2021 - 2022, First Term)


Anna Navarro

(2020 - 2023, First Term)

Dave Kremer GE001sm (002)_edited.jpg

Dave Kremer *

(2021 - 2023, First Term)


Jarvie Worcester

(2021 - 2024, First Term)


Darius Baer

(2022- 2024, First Term)


Martin Lear *

(2021 - 2024, First Term)

* Appointed due to vacancy.


Alex Mikishko

(2021 - 2023, First Term)


Brandon Culter

(2021 - 2022, First Term)









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